About Dr. Tawa

Dr. Ronald C. Tawa graduated in 1976 from the University of Southern California Dental School, one of the premiere dental schools in the country.

Dr. Tawa prides himself on staying current with the latest developments in dentistry by completing hundreds of hours in continuing education. His expertise and training has been enhanced through enrollment in numeours post-graduate courses, including the renowned UCLA Aesthetic Continuum Course, and Synergy Training Program on comprehensive implant training.

Dr. Tawa's approach is gentle, caring and patient; creating a relaxed atmosphere for his patients who receive outstanding individual attention for that unforgettable smile. Treatments are tailored to the specific needs and desires of each patient.

Our competent and friendly dental team is dedicated to providing you with the higheset standards of precision care, exceptional comfort, using advanced dental technology and treament options. We emphasize preventive dentistry. To this end, we have an excellent team of professional hygenists who have over 50 years of combined years of dental hygiene experience.  

We hope you become a member of our dental family.

Dr. Tawa's Continuing Education in Recent years

  • Taking The Next Step To Digital Dentistry  (Year: 2011)
  • Novel Planning guidelines  (Year: 2011)
  • Synergy Training Program (Comprehensive Dental Implant Course)  (Year: 2011)
  • Graduate Synergy Training Program  (Year: 2010)
  • Local Anesthesia Update  (Year: 2010)
  • Dental Implants, The Standard of Care  (Year: 2010)
  • Synergy Training Program (Comprehensive Dental Implant Course)  (Year: 2009)
  • Infection Control  (Year: 2009)
  • California Dental Practice Act  (Year: 2009)
  • The Art of Implant Dentistry  (Year: 2009)
  • Advancements in Dental attachments for Implant Retained Overdentures  (Year: 2009)
  • LAVA – Defining the Digital Future  (Year: 2008)
  • Three Basic Elements of Oral Pathology in a Dental Office  (Year: 2008)
  • Pathology: Working up a Differential Diagnosis  (Year: 2008)
  • CT Guided Surgery: A Practical Approach to 21st. Century Dentistry  (Year: 2008)
  • Implants in Clinical Practice: Evolving Perspectives  (Year: 2008)
  • Dental Makeovers Using Sound Esthetic, Adhesive and Restorative Principles  (Year: 2008)
  • Vital Principles for the Ultimate Veneer and Crown Restoration  (Year: 2008)
  • Hot Topics in Dentistry 2008 – UCLA Continuing Dental Education  (Year: 2008)
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)  (Year: 2008)
  • The Importance of Socket Preservation  (Year: 2008)
  • Maximizing Case Exceptance  (Year: 2008)
  • To Save or Extract a Tooth in the Esthetic Zone   (Year: 2007)
  • Implant Restoration Made Easier with New Options   (Year: 2007)
  • Aesthetic Continuum 2004 – UCLA Continuing Dental Education  (Year: 2004)